12-05-17 Winter Ball @ the Nomad World Pub

Welcome to the first night of true winter weather. The thick jackets, scarves, bomber hats were aplenty at the Nomad World Pub, the premiere venue for int'l futbol and fantastic local music with regular residencies of great local music located in the west Bank of Mpls. This night was dedicated to the West Bank School of Music,... Continue Reading →

11/28/2017 SoFar Sounds November Mpls show. 

Welcome to the SoFar Sounds pop-up concert existence. The venue on this exciting Tuesday night was Day Block Brewing Co.'s Event center. Once the locale was released I was very happy and especially excited for this show because I frequent Day Block and have been to many concerts there. I highly suggest getting involved with SoFar Sounds because... Continue Reading →

2017 Twin Cities Horror Festival. 

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween," is my usual mantra in the time up until the glorious holiday. I celebrate this wonderful time of year with Halloween festivities and turning a year wiser on October 25th😁. One big aspect that makes me very happy is the Twin Cities Horror Festival. It's 11 days of thrills, dancing, murder,... Continue Reading →

11/15/2017 Feast Of Fools by Interact @ The Lab Theater

If you are in to live theater or performance around the twin cities you've heard of Kevin Kling(storyteller extraordinaire). So of course it was imperative that I attend Interact's performance of "Feast Of Fools" which is currently performing at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis until Dec. 9th.  If you enjoyed Kevin Bacon's brilliant film Footloose and were upset law forbidding dancing &... Continue Reading →

10/26/2017 Boomtown Riot(album release) w/ The Shackletons, The Usual Things, & Dan Tedesco.

On a cold night in Minneapolis there is nothing better than going to a rock show in a nice intimate venue such as one of my favorites, 7th St. Entry.  Dan Tedesco started the night on a great note with some passionate guitar strumming with philosophic lyrics. One repeated phrase that stuck with me was,... Continue Reading →

10/18/2017 MASK: exhibit finale + artist talk @ the Gamut Gallery. 

In a country that seems so righteously chaotic Morgan Pease presents highly structured anarchy with MASK: New Works by Morgan Pease. I was quite taken with the amount of depth present in every canvas. Being monocular, as I've mentioned before, I'm unable to see 3D like most others because of a blind left eye. But viewing Morgan's work... Continue Reading →

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