03/13/2018 The Dollyrots/The Von Tramps/The Melismatics @ James Ballentine VFW, Mpls.

On this warm, mid-winter day I was excited all afternoon to attend The Dollyrots RAH! RAH! RADICAL Tour 2018 event that going on at the Uptown VFW, one of my favorite venues in Mpls. I had never seen The DollyRots, but I knew their sound from streaming their tunes online. They are an up-tempo pop... Continue Reading →

7/5/17 Mary Bue w/Charlie Parr @ Aster Cafe.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beginning a summer night with some intricate strumming from Charlie Parr. He gets everyone's toes a-tappin' and our emotions purged from each lovely song. I am especially fond of "Remember Me When I Forget." It's powerful for me because of the focus on memory and the whys and hows... Continue Reading →

06/13/2017 The 99ers – Pop Punk Girl

Front image of The 99ers - Pop Punk Girl The 99ers latest album release is a brilliant album of pure energy titled "Pop Punk Girl." The band summed up the energy & spirit of this collection perfectly, "If this album could be channeled into the [power] grid, we'd be an energy independent nation." A sentiment... Continue Reading →

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