12/01/2018 Gully Boys with Gender Confetti @ The Nomad World Pub.

https://gullyboys.bandcamp.com/ Having experienced Gully Boys & Gender Confetti previously I knew to expect a supremely energetic show. I was ready to get my punk rock groove on. Our current political sphere decidedly NEEDS regular doses of music with attitude & progression.  Gender Confetti rocking! Elyse & Sylvia sure know how to fill every venue they... Continue Reading →

07/05/2018 Isotope by HATCH Dance Co. feat. Poolboy @ the Southern Theater.

On a immensely comfortable Thursday night in Minneapolis I attended an exciting night of modern dance created by the company called HATCH Dance Company who meld modalities and approaches with a hip twist. Local artists Helen Hatch and Seth Conover, of Poolboy, confront the shadow self through original live music and fresh movement from a vibrant group of dancers. The... Continue Reading →

In addition to welcoming spring to the cold, dark north I was fortunate to attend a sold out show at 7th St. Entry. Days N' Daze came to Minneapolis joined by the bands The Antidon'ts and Drones. With eager feverishly assumed a spot at the front to watch the first band, Drones. I had not realized... Continue Reading →

🎶'And Lord knows, I LOVE to Dance!'🎶 This surreal night began with a duo named Nineteen Fourteen, a pair consisting of cellist Janet Schiff and percussionist Victor DeLorenzo(org drummer of ​Violent Femmes & father of Malachi DeLorenzo)Various tempos played sidekick within the battle of chamber music vs. punk aggression. A rollercoaster of emotions flashed all through my... Continue Reading →

04/18/2018 The Lillingtons w/Make War & New Rocket Union @ 7th St Entry

Spring in Minneapolis has not been ideal whatsoever! In the greater twin cities a cumulative amount of 14 inches just assaulted our peaceful city.😡However a show I've been very excited for was the one going on tonight. I've been a diehard fan of The Lillingtons, a pop punk band from Newcastle, Wyoming. When I first... Continue Reading →

On the night of Saturday, April 7th was an event that I knew would utterly shatter all previous experience. Cloud Cult, one of my all time Favorite bands was joined by the MN Orchestra at their main venue, Orchestra Hall located on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Having never been to an event here... Continue Reading →

On this calm, not too frigid Minnesota night I ventured to Day Block Brewing Co. for a collection of local brilliance. Theyself, the Nunnery, and Good Night Gold Dust were the featured bands tonight. Having seen each previously I knew to expect highly enjoyable music. The night started with Good Night Gold Dust who brought... Continue Reading →

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