12/01/2018 Gully Boys with Gender Confetti @ The Nomad World Pub.

Having experienced Gully Boys & Gender Confetti previously I knew to expect a supremely energetic show. I was ready to get my punk rock groove on. Our current political sphere decidedly NEEDS regular doses of music with attitude & progression. 

Gender Confetti rocking!

Elyse & Sylvia sure know how to fill every venue they plug in to. It is truly amazing how big their sound is! Check out some of their live set here. I’m continually impressed how just two people can fill an entire space with their intricate punk tunes!

Gender Confetti feeling the energy.

A big message from the band was that we, as humans, need to show MORE love towards other people, cultures, & the world itself. However THAT love needs to be consensual. Sylvia & Elyse’s final message was, “Kiss your friends, kiss EVERYONE! But be sure it’s Consensual!” Wise words especially in our current society where elected officials/athletes/celebrities have turned out to be pure scum. 

The art of the Gully!

Now on to one of my favorite Minneapolis music acts, Gully Boys! Welcome to an appropriate instance of Boys Bein’ Boys. Not a phrase commonly used especially since the Orange neanderthal was “voted” into office. I apologize for stirring up the most deplorable memories of our current political situation. Remember, it will all be over real soon. 

Gully Boys just bein’ boys.

It was now time for the grand entrance of a fierce power in twin cities’ punk. Nadirah, Kaytee, & Natalie appeared on the stage causing quite a round of cheering and fanfare. Take a look at one of my favorite songs of theirs “Dizzy Romantics” shot here. 

Natalie showing the monitor who’s boss!

Intricate beats provided by Nadirah compimented Natalie’s complex bass pickin’. The energy of the crowd was high after Gender Confetti and the Boys took the stage while an eruption of cheers came from the eager crowd. GB consistently hightens the level of emotion in the venue. I’ve always loved their simple yet complex harmonies and how they fill every space to the fullest extent. 

Gully Boys rocking!

The spirit on stage from Gully Boys reached heights of umfathomable levels. See the energy within their tune “Big Bad Luvr.” I was an instant fan upon hearing these tunes the first time. Each show they transport my mind to a dimension where the language is punk and the demeanor is acceptance. 

Contiunued Gullyin’!

I highly encourage all of you reading this to seek out Gully Boys & see them in a city/galaxy/dimension you can manage. Your life will change due to the magic they create every time they pick up their instruments. 

I also encourage attending the Nomad World Pub for exceptional live, local music and great drinks. The Nomad is also a haven for proper futbol(soccer) fans playing many MLS matches while also focusing heavily on the epic Tottenham Hotspurs. Plus the staff are exceptional and will inform you about the latest & greatest in the local & world scene. 

Once again, I urge you all to remind those close to you how much you love them & remember to ask everyone you encounter, “How are you doing?” Also do as Wayne & Garth do and Party ON!

Cheers All!

Gully Boys website

Gender Confetti website

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