05/23/2018 The Room with Closets @ the Southern Theater by Sparkle Theatricals.

Spring has officially sprung in Minneapolis and the temperature reached the mid 80s today! What better occasion to enjoy a highly physical performance in the cool atmosphere of the best theater in Minneapolis than tonight?

The Room with Closets Full cast pose.jpg
The Room with Closets pose.

I was excited to see another performance created in collaboration with Jon Ferguson. This performance is an adaptation of the award-winning book of the same name by A. Pablo Iannone(Silver Medal for the Multicultural Adult Fiction category in the 2007 Independent Publisher Awards). The performance was created by A. Pablo’s daughter Alejandra Iannone with help from Rick Ausland. Both Alejandra and Rick are phenomenal performers with great instincts so I knew the collaboration with Jon would result in a superb show. I was not disappointed! Sparkle Theatricals strives to engage artists and audiences of diverse backgrounds in inventive, curious, and fun theatrical experiences.

The dynamic of the ensemble varied from dance, acrobatics, live music(Kalen!) made the rhythm of the night reflective of a catchy tune the crowd was familiar with. Impressive were the tempos during throughout because the emotions portrayed energized every moment on the stage. I was very taken with Alex‘s performance due to his exceptional physical presence.


Alex Barreto Hathaway

The entire ensemble made the story come alive while focusing on identity and cultural belonging. I enjoyed experiencing these stories because I’ve never had to experience a cultural displacement such as this.

Collage of Room with Closets 1.jpg
Collage of “Room with Closets.”

Despite a theme of the show being displacement and questioning one’s own identity the ensemble acted very much like the family they have become. Dance sequences transported me to dreamscapes exisiting simultaneously in the politically unstable reality to a realm of calm family time. I was thrilled when the ensemble magically transformed into the animals we as humans should look up to, chickens!

Room with Closets - Chicken scene.jpg
The ensemble doing ‘The Chicken.’  Dan Norman™

Love being a major theme in the show caused visceral reactions from me throughout.

Room With Closets Montage #4.jpg
Room With Closets Montage

I felt envigorated throughout the entire show! The ensemble entered the stage with an energy making me want more during the final scenes. I do apologize for not completing this post until the very end of the run of “Room with Closets,” but I hope you will be determined to see a future installment of Sparkle Theatricals. I highly suggest seeing any/ALL of their future performances.

More Pictures!

Helen in a dramatic scene.
Room with Closets 4.jpg
Highly dramatic scene in Room with Closets.
Alex and the sand.jpg
Dispersing of the ashes.

As you can see from these stunning pictures by Dan Norman the beauty of this show was so very intricate and well composed. I feel so energized after viewing Room with Closets and I hope any of you reading this have already seen it or is going to the final show tonight. My final bit of info is that there are TWO shows left today!

7:00pm & 9:00pm!

Tickets can be purchased here.

And remember to get out of the house and SEE LIVE ART!


Sparkle Theatricals website

The Room with Closets.jpg
Full ensemble picture with a stray goat. Can you spot it?

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