Days 'N Daze Tour poster.jpg
Days ‘N Daze Tour poster

In addition to welcoming spring to the cold, dark north I was fortunate to attend a sold out show at 7th St. Entry. Days N’ Daze came to Minneapolis joined by the bands The Antidon’ts and Drones. With eager feverishly assumed a spot at the front to watch the first band, Drones. I had not realized my familiarity with them initially, but a few songs in I found myself singing along to their songs. Like I’ve done before I searched my calendar and discovered an entry of seeing Drones in the past. GO ME!🙂 I fell right in to the superb energy immediately.

They played fast and loud which is instant greatness in my book. Also just look at how cheeky Paul is when he spotted me snapping a pic. Good vibes man, Good vibes!

Paul being CHEEKY.jpg
Paul being cheeky!😂

Their sense of humor and obvious enjoyment on stage was reflected back at them from the crowd.

Live music requires, for me, an excitement from the players otherwise a community isn’t built. This community I speak of is one of the main reasons I frequent live music around my city. As Nietzsche so aptly stated, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” He was very aware of how powerful music can be, and its positive effect on humanity.

Now it was time for Days N’ Daze whom I have been eagerly awaiting for the two months since acquiring my ticket. In case you’re unfamiliar with DnD, shorthand for Days N’ Daze😎, an entirely DIY band classified as thrash grass, a sub genre described as combining thrash punk with bluegrass. Essentially banjo brilliance mixed with equal parts punk drumming and a dash of spicy trumpet mixed thoroughly witch harmonica greatness from Whitney. Despite an initial defective harmonica a fabulous audience member surprised her with a replacement harp.

DnD has an attitude verging on anger within their playing, but focus on the lyrics and their passion is apparent.

I am very glad they played “New Gangland” this night because it got the thrashers up front energized beyond comprehension.

The crowd DnD brought to 7th St. was amazingly calm. I mention this because I was worried that the thrash dancers would be slamming with unheard of aggression. However they kept their moshing at an appropriate level. I worry about those up front slamming into one another because my TBI makes me quite cautious.😕 However Days ‘N Daze filled the entire space with an explosively emotional conversation.

Whitney telling the crowd a joke about elephants🤣.jpg
Whitney telling a joke about elephants.

I’ve loved DnD’s sound from the get go when first hearing them about six months ago. I took to them instantly due to the variety of instruments played. When Jesse plays the banjo my psyche gets launched into a new stratosphere where the demeanor is excitement and happiness is required!

The above song titled “Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture” is, in my mind, such a perfect anthem for the modern mindset. In the lyrics they say:

“All solace, All beauty
All innocence stripped away
What once was warm & safe
Has turned a cold & concrete grey”

This passage from the song brings to mind the social media downward spiral. By this I mean the skewed images SM users have of the world, fellow humans, and their own self. I see DnD’s lyrics as a brilliant commentary on how the modern, tech centric life, has turned us into shells of emotionless units playing life from behind a screen. I don’t see any anger or hate within the songs because the screaming performed is simply the mode necessary to convey the message. If that’s not convincing just observe Whitney’s brilliant reaction to a bad harmonica. Totally brazen and comfortable with her 2nd chance Whitney is over the moon with how good she sounds!

We all know how easy it is to be negative when things don’t go perfect, but guess what that makes us? Human! I encourage you to react like Whitney and try again. And when you’re victorious, finish your harmonica solo as a Happy mofo! That was certainly not the end of Whitney. She is also highly trained in the ancient discipline cuzooing. Thank you Whitney, your talent is Epic!

In the end I want to thoroughly THANK Days ‘N Daze, Antidon’ts, & Drones for one outstanding night. You’ll definitely be seeing more of me in the future. And remember everyone, get out and see live art and music!


Brian Wene

7th St. Entry

Days N Daze


The Antidon’ts

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