Langhorne Slim pontificating in the wild.jpg
Langhorne Slim out in the wild.
🎶’And Lord knows, I LOVE to Dance!‘🎶

This surreal night began with a duo named Nineteen Fourteen, a pair consisting of cellist Janet Schiff and percussionist Victor DeLorenzo(org drummer of ​Violent Femmes & father of Malachi DeLorenzo)Various tempos played sidekick within the battle of chamber music vs. punk aggression. A rollercoaster of emotions flashed all through my mind throughout their set.

💥Great sounds set afire by Nineteen Thirteen.💥

Janet and Victor had a great presence all the while exchanging smiles and casual vocal encouragement thus inviting the crowd to follow along.

‘Funny Feeling’ got the crowd shakin’ to his vibe.

Sean’s passionate singing and vigorous strumming made my demeanor(hootin’ & hollerin’-wise) both hyperactive yet concentrated. Finally I could not sit idly by when the action on stage was encouraging my spirit so damn much. I stood excitedly and pumped an arm in solidarity to this sonic giant exploring his beautiful human ethos. Slim’s rapid strumming always bring me to high elation. Quick pace combined with deep lyricism puts you in a state of controlled chaos. Bringing the each listener to the Devil’s Crossroad where the famous  wager was made between Johnny and the Devil.😈 I can clearly imagine the scene between Slim and the Devil. Picture this scenario; Slim strolling down the road and suddenly approached by a brooding, hooded figure(the Devil). The devil then wages his golden fiddle against Johnny’s soul. Slim reaches for his pick, holds it skyward, then looks the devil in the eye and proclaims, “For Gramps!” Obviously all of us can see the devil making the long journey back to Hades with his pointed tail between his legs.

Langhorne left the crowd in sweet reflection on the important people in our lives. “Song for Sid” is a powerful ode to a great man who taught Sean many things about living a great life. The intensity of emotion in this song stays with you long after the lights turn off.

The song above is the title track off his album ‘Be Set Free,’ from 2009. Slim then gave us an insight into a situation in a coffee shop concerning a visit to the only bathroom in the shop, wearing his multi-buttoned/multi-zippered overalls that were quite similar to the imported, highly stylized ones that were the obvious envy of all the men in the crowd. Take a look and tell me you aren’t planning on acquiring a similar item immediately.🙂
We then got a newer song called ‘Wolves,’ which is amazingly philosophic from start to finish.

This song gives us all a perfect opportunity to reflect on ourselves in the realm of this overly machismo culture we are unfortunately living in.
At this point it was time for the final couple of songs in our intimate conversation with Langhorne Slim.

Above is the first bit of ‘Sea of Love.’ Below is the second part.

He was then joined by the 1914 for a final tune:

Upon completion Langhorne said with such gratitude that he loves the people working the boards in the back, The Cedar as a whole, and all the sweet souls present in the audience. Obviously the response was, “We LOVE you too Slim!” With that sentiment mirrored back Sean knew tonight was equally as unbelievable to him as it was to us!

If you ever hear that Langhorne Slim(Sean Scolnick) is playing it is IMPERATIVE that you attend that performance at all costs!

Langhorne Slim giving Major attitude.jpg
He loves this this shirt ALMOST as much as I do😁

In conclusion, this night was life changing in many ways. I was able to embrace Sean at the merch table and the love reciprocated was so TRUE. Thank you Sean and I’ll leave you with this:
Goodnight you prince of Maine, you king of New England!” May the remainder of your tour be phenomenal!
– Brian Wene

*drummer for Langhorne Slim


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