04/18/2018 The Lillingtons w/Make War & New Rocket Union @ 7th St Entry

Spring in Minneapolis has not been ideal whatsoever! In the greater twin cities a cumulative amount of 14 inches just assaulted our peaceful city.😡However a show I’ve been very excited for was the one going on tonight. I’ve been a diehard fan of The Lillingtons, a pop punk band from Newcastle, Wyoming. When I first heard that I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this band. You know what’s said about the word assume?

Anyway, let’s focus on the amazing music about to be played…

New Rocket Union began the night with up tempo rock/punk that had the attitude necessary for a hardcore show. But that was NOT their only mode.


They certainly brought the energy and lyricism necessary for a bright future at the start of the show.

4-18-2018 new rocket union at 7th st entry757902848..jpg

I felt the aggression they were giving. I’m not saying it was overtly in my face, but that the aggression was in the passion they had for the music.*the ‘All in good fun’ style aggression.🙂

04-18-18 New Rocket Union @ 7th St. E

It would seem that John is angry while performing but you would be Wrong! Not overly cheerful, but committed to the passion present in their songs! Any indication of anger is all part of the punk rock persona he has adopted.


As is obvious they aren’t much for small talk between songs, but I will say John is very nice and eager to speak with any fan after a show. *but do not try to OUT punk him. He will triumph!😎*

Up next was Make War, a punk band hailing from Brooklyn, NY.


Having been through Brooklyn in my younger years, only once, and overcoming the ‘roughness’ of the borough I felt I was connecting with the angst and revolutionary sentiment they played. *I am only kidding but a midwestern boy can only dream of this*


I really enjoyed the rough sound of Make War. By ‘rough’ I don’t mean simple or inexperienced, but that they possess the raw energy that makes everyone watch with high interest. I very much enjoyed the different tempos employed throughout each song. Starting slow to indicate a break in their energy only to blindside us with a 1,000% increase in speed in the span of a millisecond! Truly a rollercoaster of emotions within each song. Yes Please!


I noticed that I recognized many of the songs Make War played so, in a purely inquisitive decision, I searched within my mobile phone’s calendar and found an event in 2017 at the Nomad World Pub featuring Make War! So it was not some sort of telepathic connection I was experiencing. But that would’ve been, as the hipsters today say, Dope!🤣

Now was time for the band that pitted Mars vs. Hollywood and asked Charlie why they went back to Cambodia, The Lillingtons! They even started their set with their Brilliant tune, K6!


I rushed down to the front-left of the stage because I weighed the pros vs. the cons and decided if I was going to be MOSHED into oblivion then what better band to finish this great life than The Lillingtons?!?


See? I returned to my standard up front, left side of the stage. I overcame my fear of an early ending and assumed my rightful spot in the crowd. It was at this moment the band decided to play a tune that is sure to put a huge smile on everyone’s face. The song is ‘I Saw the Ape Man,’ a light, yet deeply philosophic ditty bringing joy to every listener.


My only advice after reading this post is that you shy away from entertaining the idea of drinking turpentine! Please do NOT think this is advised in any possible way. This tremendous night concluded with a song I was hoping for throughout their whole set. A ditty exploring what nobody can legally speak about. This topic is the presence of extra terrestrials on our planet. The song is “I Got Abducted by a UFO” and the Lillingtons finished an exemplary night with this feel good tune:


To conclude this post I want to reiterate my credo which is to get out and Attend Live Performance! Music, theater, dance, art, poetry, are all brilliant activities that need to persist despite the LACK of support from our “esteemed leaders.”

I hope you all have a Spring that has either already arrived or gets here very soon!

Cheers & much Love to everyone!

Bill & Ted wish you a happy week with much excitement and lots of music!

Bill & Ted Air Guitar!.gif

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