cloud cult pro picture760281670..jpgOn the night of Saturday, April 7th was an event that I knew would utterly shatter all previous experience. Cloud Cult, one of my all time Favorite bands was joined by the MN Orchestra at their main venue, Orchestra Hall located on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Having never been to an event here I was beaming with excitement and hope for utter brilliance on this night. I was also excited for the art the band curated in the lobby. The first portion of the installation was the “The Wall of Joy.” This had participants take a Post-it and write what they value most of all then stick it to the window for everyone to see and create a collection for everyone to see. cc - wall of joy812097584..jpgMany fans were truthful with their values and it was great to read the various notes. I then walked through the next installation called “The Walk of Ancestors” a passageway tta. As you walk forward in this art installation, 40,000 years passes with every foot. But thousands of other lifeforms had already been evolving on the planet for nearly 3.8 billion years prior to the arrival of what we recognize as the first people. The end of this timeline is modern day, with the average lifespan representing about the width of a single hair. It was great venturing into the existential realm for a minute prior to the excellence in the theater. As I finished the installation the lights flickered and it was announced that the show was about to begin. Having never been in this performance arena I captured a 180° panorama of my location.

pre-cloud cult @ orchestra hall 180°.jpg
I was taught how to take a new style of picture. This is a 180° shot.

Once I felt I reached a familiarity with the new surroundings I gave a nod to the stage manager and Sarah that the show could begin.*😂Yeah right!🤣*

Sarah Hicks - Conductor with Cloud Cult.jpg
Sarah Hicks – Conductor with Cloud Cult

The orchestra entered to a round of excited applause and the prestigious conductor Sarah Hicks appeared and took her place at the helm of this magic vessel. I must say that certain songs by Cloud Cult give me the most catharsis when listening. I’m so comfortable with my emotions that I confidently admit to instant tears within the first bar of the song ‘There’s So Much Energy In Us.’

I was over the moon when played they played a personal favorite, ‘Running with the Wolves.’

I was so entranced by their live show that time essentially stood still for my night at Orchestra Hall.

I’ve been mystified and energized by every song I have heard live. I feel Cloud Cult possesses a power filling everyone with hope and determination for the future. Experiencing Cloud Cult live should be on everyone’s bucket list. I’m so lucky to have seen them about twelve times. In large venues and quite intimate ones.

The night was rolling along with some very happy vibes. You can definitely hear it as the crowd sang along to ‘The Time Machine Invention‘ above.
The paintings created by Connie Minowa and Scott West both sold immediately afterwards.

connie minowa - crow & rose painting 426617228..jpg
Connie Minowa – Crow & Rose painting
Scott West.jpg
Scott West – Wolf painting

I was able to speak to a majority of the band once the 2nd encore was played. I enjoy conversing with anybody participating in the live shows I see. I tend to keep my talks short as they just busted their butts entertaining the F#CK out of us, but if they continue talking I’m all for that! I didn’t get to say hey to Craig, Dan, or Shannon but thanks Jeremy, Scott, Connie, Sarah, and Shawn for gracing me with a few words!
Cloud Cult is one of the Greatest bands I have ever seen. I can revisit any album to instantly put me on a positive kick! You are the most Beautiful group of individuals our dimension could ever hope for!
I Love you all and stay Beautiful! Thank you. Cheers and Thanks for reading!
See Live Music!
Bill & Ted - Be Excellent To Each Other
– Brian Wene

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