03-29-2018 - Nunnery @ Day BlockOn this calm, not too frigid Minnesota night I ventured to Day Block Brewing Co. for a collection of local brilliance. Theyself, the Nunnery, and Good Night Gold Dust were the featured bands tonight. Having seen each previously I knew to expect highly enjoyable music.

The night started with Good Night Gold Dust who brought us their surreal folk/rock allowing us an opportunity to reflect on our choices in each of our lives. Hypnotic harmonies paired with slower tempos made for a reflective atmosphere of our lives and the voices we choose to use.


I was entranced by the various tempos per song. I enjoyed how Good Night Gold Dust kept us on our toes about what pace each song would be. I felt the spirits of New Wave were very present during their songs. Dave, Martin, and Andy of Depeche Mode were nodding their heads in approval in response to Good Night Gold Dust’s grooving set. I highly enjoyed their harmonies that came in song precisely when you didn’t think the song could progress any more.

03-29-2018 Good Night Gold Dust @ Day Block

Sarah, aka The Nunnery, then appeared to further quest into the ethereal sonic paradise. Her looping ability is quite impressive!


I quite enjoy soloists who loop because the ultimate puzzle of music making, to me, is broken down into understandable steps. I’m not saying I can make music because I’ve seen them, but I am at a high appreciation of music creation while watching a looper. Fascinating  to the multilayered finished creation. I’m reminded of my first experience with Carnage the Executioner, a local bratbox phenom, who essentially breaks down each song’s intricacy by showing the ingredients combined to create the exquisite dish. I’m fascinated with how looping uncovers the magic needed for these great songs. Spanning the various tempos from Adagio to exciting Allegro  while organizing them LIVE is so damn exhilarating! I react similarly when I watch improv. As someone who was completely Unable to step into the demeanor of improvisation, I watch in absolute fascination when this occurs. When watching great loopers I’m  overcome with such glee I scream with excitement making those around me look on with shock.😋


At most shows I am leading the enthusiasm brigade hoping the others jump on board and blow the artists away with a power they have never experienced. In my opinion, this is Sarah’s greatest song and because I was filming my eager enthusiasm was not quite what it usually is. You can hear the different tempos intermingling throughout this tune. She began the song by layering  *a guy can dream can’t he?*😋

To finish off this wonderful night was Theyself, aka Doc, with intricate blues and intense punk energy. Having seen Doc multiple times I knew to expect precise picking with passionate lyricism.


Doc brings the attitude we wish to exert in daily life but can’t b’cause we’re not him. We can live vicariously through his deep lyrics. The thrill ride experienced was one that stayed with me throughout the rest of the night.

I want to Thank the bands that played and Day Block Brewing Co. for putting on another superior night of great local music! I highly suggest looking into a live music event at Day Block because the side space where the live music is played is absolutely superb! Plus if you enjoy beer they have quite a selection of top notch brews.

Thank you for reading! Remember to see as much live music/art/performance as you can!


Day Block Brewing Co.

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