45-og1427964338.jpegOn one of the warmer days of spring 2018 the annual gathering surrounding Boiled in Lead, a local rock band tinged with Gaelic elements. Imagine the Dropkick Murphys but local and not impossibly expensive.
One of my new favorite music duos opened the night, SisterTree, an incredible female duo with a focus on the great Gaelic music tradition.

They entered the stage beaming with their awesome energy capturing the audience’s attention with some of their dynamic music.

SisterTree consists of Kerri(violin) & Dee(guitar). Having seen them multiple times I was aware of how passionate their live performance are. One of my personal favs is “Rare Old Mountain Dew.” I reacted viscerally to their dynamic playing and seeing Keri play her heart out on the fiddle is so very powerful. I very much enjoy SisterTree mainly because the enjoyment of playing is so contagious to everyone in the venue. I did not stop smiling throughout because of the depth of emotion present onstage.

SisterTree giving us their raw emotions.

Overall SisterTree brought the energy I was hoping for and they finished with a flurry. I reacted very emotionally throughout their entire set and am very, VERY happy that they graced us with their incredible music!
Now onto Boiled in Lead. I’ve only seen them one other time and it was back in 2017. I recall an amazing set from last year and this show was no exception. They started us off with the high energy and epic instrumentation I have witnessed in the past. I consider Boiled in Lead to be similar to two of my all time favorite bands, The Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly. I understand if you, the hardcore punk fan that you are, disagree with this comparison, but my view is the excitement and energy during their live performances. A subtle combination of aggression with very intelligent lyricism. Intelligence with PhDs in Anarchy in their back pocket.🙂

The crowd was very excited to see BiL(Boiled in Lead) and the cheers & random shouting of requests made lead singer Todd Menton say, “Yeah we’ll play everything you’re shouting, I promise.” Just a bit of humor for the Post-St-Paddy’s-Day-Party-Animals that managed to roll out their beds and show up🙂. After a couple songs Todd announced that Ireland, despite common consensus, has a rich history concerning the bagpipes. Exactly what everyone was thinking and hoping for, some solo piping from their fiddle/guitar player David Stenshoel:

This set of pipes may look different from what is considered traditional bagpipes, but you would be wrong to think this. This set of bagpipes are, for all investigative purposes, of original creation.
My only query is ‘How large was the sheep that provided this bag?’ I’m only kidding as I do not have personal experience concerning sheep but I have seen them from the train in England😋. So obviously I do consider myself somewhat of an expert😕. One thing I do hope we can agree on is the exceptional sound of this utterly brilliant instrument. The sound created from this instrument is so unique that immediately everyone’s ears perk up and instant joy is had by all. If not, then I would suggest broadening your music tastes. If that doesn’t work maybe Ferris Buehler can inspire you😎.
In the end I want to Thank the wonderful audience for having such enthusiasm and being huge supporters of local live music! I went away from this night with a new appreciation for the audience present in Minneapolis and a deeper appreciation for the Cedar Cultural Center!
Thank you for reading and I do hope you become inspired to get out of the house and experience the brilliance of live music!
And remember to be excellent to each other!
Bill & Ted - Be Excellent To Each OtherCheers all!

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