The JAM has begun!
In the wake of the near-fatal car crash called the Super Bowl comes a brilliant night of derby and tunes! It’s dubbed CasaBLAMca!, a night featuring two derby bouts and wonderful music played at halftime. The first bout was the Dagger Dolls vs. the Rockits. The second was the Garda Belts vs. the Atomic Bombshells. These two matches were unbelievably exciting, but I was there more specifically for the halftime show. The 99ers were set to play!
The first bout was the Dagger Dolls and the Rockits. It was an intense rivalry involving superior athletes circling the slippery track.(let me say how impressive each skater is as they circle the FLAT track) It was a very clean bout and the action was intense the whole time.
Now on to the halftime show.
The 99ers have entered the building!
Time to relocate down to the floor to assume my usual, front-left position.(blind left eye once again😕)


The 99ers brought their high energy to the track enticing many young people to dance their hearts out!


It was terrific to see the band fill the entire auditorium with punk. As you can see in the video the drummer, Chris, knows how to throw some righteous attitude at the crowd.
The second bout was between the Garda Belts vs. the Atomic Bombshells. I am familiar with the Gardas because I know a few of the skaters. I was able to say Hi to Laura “the Baller” Mahler whom I know from the theater community from years past. I must say when she jams the entire stadium of people stopped and put full attention to the bout.
I was really glad to experience a night of both derby excellence and pop-punk superiority. I also was able to meet a few of the derby gals once they were off the track. One thing to note about derby culture is the on-track personas are characters being played so as to psyche out the opponents. The ‘hard knock life’ demeanor usually only exists on the track. The level of sports(WO)manship  present at every bout is uncanny. Despite each skater’s fierce nomenclature, the strong community created is of such delight to experience. I enjoy seeing communities exist in this world where they focus on camaraderie rather than .
Here we go let’s hear it for the roller girls!
Thanks for reading and remember,
Be NICE to each other Goddamn-it!
Take care everyone!
*create your own derby name here
My derby name is:
Carter Blackhawk “The Diva Ripper” and I hit BIG!
Cheers everyone!
– Brian Wene

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