01/25/2018 ‘A Disappearing Act’ @ The Southern theater by Single Shoe productions.

It’s been that kind of year. Meaning the need for intricate, physical-based performance has been very high. Having seen previous performances by Single Shoe Productions I knew to expect high caliber physicality and inciteful storytelling from Philipa Tomas & Bradley Smith(pictured above & below).

Filipa Tomas & Bradley Wayne Smith.

We were all gathered together for what was to be the grand finale of the great Philip Winterbottom. He was a magician who excelled both in entertainment and family. I attended because, as the successful cousin, it was my duty to show my appreciation (I was given a script prior to the show🙂). The stage magic usually involved within Philip’s shows was intense and stupifying, to say the least. Therefore F & B had their work cut out for them.

The procession included excerpts from family members(audience participants) and much magic was performed by F & B to great response. I was on the edge of my seat throughout as solemn memories surfaced, yet happy instances followed. That is making Philip smile as that was his goal in all that he did.

The audience were a part of this finale including handling pieces of his life that were put into the memorial. PW was present the whole time and he made his presence known through a tiny red light that was passed around the space. Stage magic at its best.🙂

The passion both F & B presented for Philip was so lovely and special that tears could not be stopped in me. Meaning that their hearts were true in their appreciation of PW.

Finally, after a magnificent remembrance of the special man, our memories of him were extended by the grand finale of his urn leaving the space to continue his magic in another dimension.

RIP Philip Winterbottom.

You exist eternally in all of our hearts. Thank you for reading and remember, Be nice to each other Goddamn-it!


Single Shoe Productions

The Southern Theater

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