As I was finishing up a shift at the Southern Theater with no drama from any patrons I felt my night was off to a Great start. Just as I was received a text from my friend who shall be named "D" in this situation. I could tell you their name, but if I did I'd... Continue Reading →

The JAM has begun! In the wake of the near-fatal car crash called the Super Bowl comes a brilliant night of derby and tunes! It's dubbed CasaBLAMca!, a night featuring two derby bouts and wonderful music played at halftime. The first bout was the Dagger Dolls vs. the Rockits. The second was the Garda Belts vs. the Atomic Bombshells. These two matches... Continue Reading →

01/25/2018 ‘A Disappearing Act’ @ The Southern theater by Single Shoe productions.

It's been that kind of year. Meaning the need for intricate, physical-based performance has been very high. Having seen previous performances by Single Shoe Productions I knew to expect high caliber physicality and inciteful storytelling from Philipa Tomas & Bradley Smith(pictured above & below). We were all gathered together for what was to be the... Continue Reading →

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