01/20/2018 Aaron Avis, Active Measures, Battery, Rabbit Still @ Palmer’s Bar.

It was yet another warm day in our fantastic city of Minneapolis. I enjoy Palmer’s Bar very much as it’s a small bar with a tiny stage and explosive energy every time. The intimacy is great and the punk/rock bands rock the HELL out amazingly. I was very pumped to see my friend D’s band Active Measures. I was told to expect politically charged punk and I was very pleased with their sound.
Rabbit Still started the the night out. They were a fast, punk band that got my heartbeat surging.

My fist was pumping hard with their fast beats and epic intensity.

Energy galore with Rabbit Still!

I then screamed some encouragement to D while simultaneously celebrating a MN Wild victory and assumed my place at the front left😎.
Then Active Measures assumed the stage:

“There are more of us than them!”
That song got my inner anarchist boiling to the surface. A great crowd, no incidents to speak of, cheap beer, & supreme punk made this Saturday Incredible.
I said farewell to the bands and made my way home compliments of D and logged this night as another night of anarchic sorcery. Pure Fun!
Remember to get out and see live music, live theater, live art, or anything else creative(and LIVE!).
And most importantly, Be nice to each other Goddamn-it!
And just to keep your smiles big, Penguins.

Take care.

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