01/18/2018 Forever Flight @ The Southern Theater.

When I first read Le Petit Prince back in high school I couldn’t begin to imagine the plethora of beauty present. I thought the story was not all that interesting, mind you I was 15 when I read it for the terrible French class. At my immature age I was oblivious to any of the beauty in foreign works. I believe I have made strides in my understanding of the metaphor heavy fables from France & other romance language countries. After watching the Netflix animated production of The Little Prince, I was finally able to see the hidden meanings of much of the language. Visuals have been necessary for quite a long time for me.
I was very excited to see Karim Muasher’s performance of Forever Flight. Having seen past productions from Animal Engine I knew I was in for a treat. The journey we were about to go on was prophecied to be exciting and very moving. I was instantly transported to what felt like a graphic novel. What I’m referring to is Karim’s vocalization of his rapid, body movements.
The performance begins with the Prince folding a paper airplane complete with excited vocal sounds informing us of his excitement of creation. These sounds transported me to the realm of Batman. I was seeing the “WHAM! SPLAT! ZOOM!” we are familiar with from the fight scenes.
The power of Karim’s physicality and clear emotional involvement was exhilarating and kept me in a steady state of tears. I’m the guy crying at the sad parts and also the happy moments. I was mostly envious of the Prince’s constant search for answers. This story will impact anyone who has ever had a question about the future. Concerning both their own life and the importance of their interpersonal relationships.
The sonic journey Forever Flight took us on was also an important element of the performance. John Hilsen is the composer of the amazing soundtrack to the show.
I’ve been urging everyone I encounter to attend this magical show.

Karim Muasher in Forever Flight.
Thank you for reading and please do yourself a favor and attend this spectacular performance!
If interested in reaching out to Animal Engine reach out to them at:

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