01/12/2018  Real Punk Radio presents: Aloha from Hell, The Toxenes, Liquor Beats Winter, Trash Street @ The Hexagon Bar.

Image for Hexagon Show 01/12/18.

It was a cold, cold night in America’s greatest city, Minneapolis. Some of my favorite bands of all time were playing at the Hexagon. I couldn’t think of anything better to celebrate the pre-Super Bowl Sh!t show about to take place than to get my punk rock on with some of my favorite people.

Trash Street started us on this sonic explosion. Having seen TS play multiple times I was familiar with their epic journey on the stage.

Trash Street @ the Hexagon.

Continuously being blown away every song makes me value TS very highly in our music community. Explosive energy drives each song to depths you don’t find in other groups.

Next up was Liquor Beats Winter, an epic punk band mixing blues & rock to one incredible sound. I was very excited to see them having experienced them at Grumpy’s not too long ago. Speed, with harmonica and a tiny trumpet made for a rollercoaster of a set!

I recommend Liquor Beats Winter to any of you who love passionate music making. They are truly incredible to see live!
Now onto one of my all time favs of twin cities’ music, The Toxenes! Having seen Them multiple times I knew the roof was about to be blown off! Epic guitar shredding (hell yeah Monet), intricate bass picking (play on Ariel), and beats that can’t be beat (yes Madalyn) make the Toxenes a can’t miss band. They play with power and finesse that you get hypnotized during their songs.

Every time I get the pleasure to watch The Toxenes I am grinning the entire time. Their energy and happiness onstage turns the crowd into an energetic, yet not rowdy and mosh-pitty. Which is great because I wanna rock but not feel the weight of a 300lb. man moshing me into the netherworld.

The Toxenes having a moment of pure glee.

To finish this post I want to remind you that winter can make you feel closed off and snuggling up to a night of binging Netflix can be fun, but GET OUT and experience this thing we call live music. Performance needs to be attended otherwise it will be a thing of the past. I’m not letting it go without a fight so get out there and ROCK!
And be nice to each other Goddamn-it!

Haha, funny penguins.🙂

Stay warm!

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