12/23/2017 The Silverteens Xmas Show @ Eagles 34 (w/ the 99ers, Kelly’s Zeros, Laughing Stock.) 

It was that time of year again. No not the yearly visit to the relatives where you fear any conversation revolving around our terrific, orange Potus😒, but rather to celebrate with Mpls’s great band, The Silverteens. I’ve been returning for 3 years and plan on continuing this fine holiday tradition.
Upon entering the Eagles 34 I was shocked by the crowd at the bar. Exciting because the crowds are usually pretty big, but not THIS big for live music. Then I noticed where the attention was focused… On the TVs on the walls. The Viks were playing the Packers😕🤐.(not even gonna comment…)
Kelly’s Zeros began the night of celebration:

Kelly’s Zeros started us on the right note.

My fist was pumping for punk rock armageddon to occur then the 2 minute song ended and I could breathe again. Kelly’s Zeros had awesome energy and I would love to see them again, but time will tell if they play again.

Next up the Mpls-based Laughing Stock. Having previously already experienced them as well I knew they would keep the punk rock heartbeat racing. Intricate drumming was alive and well with Laughing’s set.

I was very impressed with Laughing Stock. Thank you for the high energy alongside great sound!
Now onto a personal favorite, The 99ers! An early song was the great Donuts & Morphine. I snagged this’ll vid:

If this amazing tune doesn’t get you up and shaking then I just don’t know😕🙃. But for the rest of the world, ROCK ON!

Now onto the organizing band The Silverteens, a local pop punk band that is of great passion.

I must make a positive comment on Mark’s excellent apparel. His blazer game was on point!

Fantastic blazer Mark!

To conclude this post I highly encourage attendance to future Xmas celebrations curated by the Silverteens!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Cheers to you all and remember to be NICE to each other Goddamn-it!

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