12/16/2017 In a gallery far, far away… *my official 1st visit😎*

Poster for “In a gallery far, far away…”

I have officially visited the exhibit In a gallery far, far away! If the words “star wars exhibit” don’t activate the excitement portion of the brain, then it’s imperative for some serious psychological treatment. Crassness aside, I’ve been very excited to finally see & gleefully indulge in the epic arena of the Star Wars Exhibit. Upon entering I was confronted with what appeared to be the Empire’s newest evasive maneuver:

Slight mishap with the imperial starship envoy.

In addition to content within, there was one very special sculpture located outside on the patio. Since Minneapolis has received some snow I was immediately taken light years from this our outer rim planet to the desolate ice planet Hoth.

Brilliant AT-AT created by Kujo(@kurtis.johnson.395)

I did walk into a battle underway, but luckily I was searing my laser-proof winter jacket. *thrift stores RULE!*

Luckily Kujo had a fleet of X-wings in the atmosphere making quick work of the Imperials and their lumbering giants upon the surface.

Wedge Antilles’ Red 2 about to finish off the AT-AT. court Kujo.

Luckily I was able to flee the heinous, immoral attack and take refuge inside. My safety did not last long though. A stormtrooper caught wind of my Rebel slant and drew. I was saved by a terrific local woman immediately calming the aggression of the trooper.

Peace & Stormtrooper🙂.

As as I regained my composure I witnessed an act of droid rebellion by none other than the lovely BB-8.

‘BB’s Big Adventure’ by Kujo(Kurtis Johnson)

I appreciated BB’s flare for classic ’80s cinema to be quite amazing. *cue Tequila*

Please do yourself & the local art scene in Mpls a solid and see this incredible exhibit. You will feel decades younger. You will see sunshine on your cloudy days. You will be put to the ultimate test. As Yoda put so eloquently, “Wars not make one great.

In the end, I was transported to another universe where this entity called the Empire was subjugating populations instead of the piece of junk food at our helm.

If you want a few moments of wonder and glee in today’s world I highly suggest checking out “In a gallery far, far away.”

Have a great night & Be Nice To Each Other God Damn it!


– Brian Wene

Gamut Gallery

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