12/9/2017 A Tribute to the Replacements @ the Turf Club.

A Tribute to the Replacements 12/9/2017.

This night is a tribute to one of one of best bands to come out of the twin cities, a group called The Replacements. They are a great band that was a big presence in the 90s rock scene. The bands playing are The MelismaticsEarly EyesThe Bad MenahemThe Mad RippleEleganza!, 26¡, The Revenge Wedding, Al Church, Curtiss A, J.E. Sunde, James Diers, Leah Ottman, Lydia Liza, Martin Devaney, Mark Mallman, Nato Coles, Niki Becker, Nick Leet, Reed Wilkerson, Dylan Ritchie. I’m familiar with a couple of groups but I’m really excited to hear the unique tributes from each group.

Onward & upward, rather DOWN-ward, as I began this exciting night downstairs in the Clown Lounge. The first band was The Mad Ripple. I’ve seen them a few times and they are consistently a good time.

The Mad Ripple in the Clown Lounge.

Next one of my most cherished musicians, Katy Vernon. She always brings superb energy and exceptional music!

Next up in the lounge was one of my personal favorites, ahem. I’ve known this group for a while now and seek them out whenever they play in the cities.

They are really upbeat and they truly enjoy playing as the smiles are aplenty throughout their shows. I’ve always left their shows beaming with happiness. Thank you Alyse, Erik, & Sam!

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