12/8/2017 Cloth @ the Southern Theater(Exposed Brick Theatre)

Cloth @ the Southern Theater.

Cloth is a performance at the Southern Theater in Mpls by Exposed Brick Theatre. I do not believe I have seen any previous performances. I do know a few of the performers and other members of the ensemble. I was very excited to see the great artists I’m familiar with do some great work. The description of the show in the program describes the content as a reaction to the Burka Ban in France and when a female high school student in Texas was sent home because the admim deemed her leggings “inappropriate.” I am excited to see this show mainly because of the recent accounts of sexually inappropriate behavior in the political and Hollywood spheres. I’m all for the persecution of those violating so I’m curious how this show will address this issue. I’m personally hoping for at least a couple punk-rock infused scenes of high anger. I’m not expecting the entire show to be anger inclined, but some moments of high anger would be nice to see.

Cloth had an exceptional pace throughout and the scenes were extremely funny while simultaneously hitting hard with the issues of equal rights/sexual assault/racial inequality. The humor was also extremely high as one scene in particular featuring the writer Aamera where she is discussing modern women’s fashion and the dos & don’ts and she exclaims, “I just turned __, and I’ll wear whatever the H÷LL I want to wear!” To which I yelled in support along with a good majority of the crowd. Good on ye Aamera!


In the end Cloth was one incredible event that brought up issues infiltrating our news sources. Issues like sexual assault & racial injustices were very present throughout the performance. I must say Cloth was one of the most powerful and entertaining pieces I’ve seen at the Southern. I realize I wrote this after the 2nd to last performance, but I URGE you to attend one of the remaining shows. I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to see an earlier show.😓

This show had a talk back after the performance and the cast came back to answer any questions. I had no questions but a comment on how powerful the hangers with outfits on them were. For me, the articles of clothing gave us tangible representations. They were located in the lobby and above the stage in the theater. 

Still of the stage for Cloth.
The lobby installation for Cloth.

In the end, thank you profusely Exposed Brick Theatre for a truly inspiring & powerful piece that shook me to the core.

Thank you for reading and Be Nice To Each Other God Damn it!


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