12/07/2017 Raging Art On @ the Gamut Gallery.

Welcome to the holiday season! 
*cue bells, tinsel, wrapping paper, & snow*
Now if you’re a good Minnesotan like me you welcome the snow & cold & ice & endless distaste of our proudest tradition. By tradition I refer to the neverending rotation of four seasons. Here in Minnesota they are as follows:

  1. Summer
  2. Fall
  3. Winter 
  4. Winter 2.0

Winter 2.0 might sound out of place, but in recent years meteorologists have unanimously agreed on this new classification of MN Seasons. Trust me I’m full of useless, made-up, nonsense😜. What better way to celebrate the best time of the year than to spend a bit of the hard earned cashola on some great creations to decorate your abode. 

Raging Art On from the inside.

It’s an absolute pleasure to just hang out and browse all the art schwag. There are amazing knit hats, cheeky soaps, & artwork(original & prints). 

DJ Adatrak at Raging Art On.

The tunes were spun by the great DJ Adatrak. The intricate beats made us feel like we were venturing through a colorful wonderland picking the indulgent fruits of the “art trees.”
Raging Art On will be on until Dec. 10th.
Here is the schedule:

Friday December 8th // 1-10PM
• featuring DJ Bleak Roses 6-10pm
Saturday December 9th // 1-10PM
• featuring DJ Keith Millions 6-10pm
Sunday December 10th // 1-5PM

I highly suggest checking it out! When you go I encourage conversing with any & Everybody you encounter. The Gamut is such a brilliant community of artists and fans, like yours truly🙂.
Take care everyone and Be Nice To Each Other God Damn it!

Raging Art On @ the Gamut Gallery 

Promo video for Gamut


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