12/2/17 331 Club – Black Widows, The 99ers

Poster for 99ers/Black Widows show.

Merry Xmas Really Sucks! is what I’ve been saying pretty regularly for the past many years. I don’t hate Christmas in any way *seriously* but I would just like to quote their brilliant holiday tune:

If you see St. Nicholas, gonna kick him in the A-y-a-y-a-y-ass

Truly stated what with the fascination of Xmas marketing & getting your friends/ family the perfect, meaning costly, gift. I do love the holiday season, but if you want to feel good about anything you may dislike about it give a listen to this epic tribute to a pretty decent holiday😋. 

The night began with one of my favorite local bands, Black Widows. I know this fantastic group originally from their month-long residency at the Nomad World Pub in 2014 or so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
***the widows could probably tell you***
I’ve seen BW play many times and they know me well because of my allegiance to the front left of every audience I’m a part of. 

Black Widows @ the 331 Club.

The Widows began their set with their power tunes of harmonic rock. They brought some soul singers up on stage to finish their amazing set. Thank you Widows and special guests!

The 99ers completed this wonderful night. I’ve known them for a few years and been one dedicated fan. They have always rocked harder and more passionate than other groups. Within the first couple songs they played the tune we were all there to hear, Merry Xmas Really Sucks!

As always, I was completely mesmorized throughout the entire show. I can only say the HIGHEST amount of praise about the Black Widows & The 99ers! Pure magic is created & experienced each and every time I’ve seen each band. 
Thank you 331, Black Widows(Corinne, Pamela, Lady Tobalyas, & special guests), The 99ers(Em, Doug, Chris, & Stephen), & the incredible crowd! Remember to be nice to each other Goddamn-it!

Black Widows 

The 99ers 

331 Club

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