12-05-17 Winter Ball @ the Nomad World Pub

Welcome to the first night of true winter weather. The thick jackets, scarves, bomber hats were aplenty at the Nomad World Pub, the premiere venue for int’l futbol and fantastic local music with regular residencies of great local music located in the west Bank of Mpls. This night was dedicated to the West Bank School of Music, an organization providing music classes to a wide variety of ages and different instruments. 
The band providing the soundtrack this evening was Hello Heartache, a honky tonk band from Minneapolis playing “classic country.” Which is the sound of the original mode of country. Johnny CashWaylon JenningsPatsy Cline are some examples. I’ve always enjoyed this sound because the rigor of being a musician at that time was all about playing live as often as possible. 

Hello Heartache at the Nomad.

The energy and up tempo music Hello played made everyone present smile throughout the night. Enjoyment was had by everyone in the Nomad as I looked around. It’s the universal pleasure this music creates. Now my music taste is much faster than this type, yet music played by passionate musicians is enjoyable every time. 

The tempo of Hello’s tunes got some of the crowd dancing and that made for a very energetic night. Music wasn’t the only focus of the night, it was also about supporting the West Bank School of Music. There was a table of silent auction offerings and it looked as if all the items had multiple bids, which is positive as each item was going to earn at least some money. I met many staff members of the school and their attitude toward their organization was positive and they were eager to help in many different ways. I saw the spark of passion in everyone keeping this wonderful school pushing on. 

The night came to a close with Hello Headache’s final tune:

Overall I feel this night brought attention to a great organization with a fantastic staff. Keep on keepin’ on West Bank School of Music! 

Hello Heartache

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