12/03/2017 “Seconds” by BRKFST @ the Southern Theater. 


BRKFST Dance Co. presents us with one incredible showcase of breakdancers. I’m someone who can keep a beat, but dancing is not one of my fortes. Knowing that I’m unable to dance along does not mean I’m not a huge fan of their ability of course. I was a very enthusiastic audience member. The show began with duos having what looked like one-on-one battles over dance moves. One would do a step which would be mirrored aggressively back. In the breaking world this is called biting. There are different opinions on biting, but the consensus is that it is supremely uncouth in the breaking world.
What I saw as the endgame of in the opening sequences was ultimate destruction, in the form of one pushing the other away then walking off themselves. Ultimately one breaker disses the other claiming a victory in this standoff. The severity of these standoffs were very clear, but because the weaponry was breaking it was a very enjoyable break battle.

Pic of Seconds by #bgirlmonalisa

No video allowed of course so if you want to see these uncanny moves in the future you must attend a live performance. I highly encourage all of you to see anything BRKST does because they’ve enchanted me every time I’ve seen them.
I did quite enjoy the hazmat style costumes the breakers donned. If you’re like me you have a positive connotation to this type of apparel due to the Beastie Boys epic track Intergalactic. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Still of Beastie Boys video “Intergalactic”

I realize it’s a stretch for any comparison to the Beastie Boys video, but is this YOUR blog? No it is not😁. Sorry for that outburst but I’m running this little thing here.
In the end let’s bring it on back to the outstanding dancing that occurred throughout Seconds. Now with modern dance and other modern performances infusing much metaphorical meaning I’ve unfortunately not been able to decipher or decode the visuals to anything but strictly the image(s). But with BRKFST I believe I understood the meaning of the dances because I saw ditect correlations to recent crimes against “fringe” groups in our world. I wasn’t perceiving one incident directly, but we’re all humans living under some sort of injustice and the dances were very indicative of incidents around the world. I’m not going to name any right now because in ten minutes something, somewhere is going to supersede anything in our current consciousness can muster up.
In other news, if you see anyone breakdancing in public (or anywhere period!) stop and watch and when they blow your mind compliment the performer(s)! Then after that your karma points will be very, VERY high!
So if you have the time & energy, check out any performances by BRKFST Dance Company in the future.
I want to Thank BRKFST for a phenomenal period of uncanny movement and exceptional energy!
I want to give huge shout outs to the breakers:
Lisa Berman(Mona Lisa), Renee Copeland, Travis Johnson, Wealthy Phonseya, Joseph Tran, & Cheng Xiong.
Thank you for reading and be nice to each other Goddamn-it!

BRKFST Dance Co.


Cheers everyone and have a great day!
– Brian Wene

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