11/28/2017 SoFar Sounds November Mpls show. 

Welcome to the SoFar Sounds pop-up concert existence. The venue on this exciting Tuesday night was Day Block Brewing Co.’s Event center. Once the locale was released I was very happy and especially excited for this show because I frequent Day Block and have been to many concerts there. I highly suggest getting involved with SoFar Sounds because they cater you those who go to concerts to actually LISTEN to the music being played. They dub the shows Listening Parties, which are music events where people do the unthinkable, they shut up and LISTEN. I’ve always been that old codger who tells those A-holes talking LOUDLY through every song to Shut Up! So this community within SoFar Sounds are very respectful of the musicians baring their souls for our enjoyment. Anyway, onto the night:

First band was The Drug Budget, a band consisting of many members playing quite a few different instruments.

Drug Budget @ SoFar Sounds Nov. show.

Waltzing On Waves continued the excited energy of the evening.

Waltzing On Waves.

Jen plays intricate, personal songs instigating emotional responses from all in the crowd. She toys with themes of mental illness, parenting in general, as she is one dedicated mother. Her playing is very special as her passion fills the room inducing tears to those watching. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Next up was Adam Levy, formerly of The Honeydogs.

Adam Levy rocking the crowd.

Adam had no problem getting the crowd to sing along.

Overall this night was a tremendous success and you will see me at future installments of SoFar Sounds.

Thank you Drug Budget, Jen, Adam, and the SoFar Sounds Mpls team! I had a tremendous experience!

SoFar Sounds Mpls website

Day Block Brewing website

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