12/23/2017 The Silverteens Xmas Show @ Eagles 34 (w/ the 99ers, Kelly’s Zeros, Laughing Stock.) 

It was that time of year again. No not the yearly visit to the relatives where you fear any conversation revolving around our terrific, orange Potus😒, but rather to celebrate with Mpls's great band, The Silverteens. I've been returning for 3 years and plan on continuing this fine holiday tradition. Upon entering the Eagles 34... Continue Reading →

12/15/2017 HolidayDream @ the Southern Theater.

Having seen past incarnations of HolidayDream I was obviously eager to see the 2017 version. The performance is presented by The Minnesota Dance Collective, a dual training & performance company located in the Twin Cities. I have been very impressed with the energy and happiness present in the dancers. The music was lively and up tempo. 

12/16/2017 In a gallery far, far away… *my official 1st visit😎*

Poster for "In a gallery far, far away..." I have officially visited the exhibit In a gallery far, far away! If the words "star wars exhibit" don't activate the excitement portion of the brain, then it's imperative for some serious psychological treatment. Crassness aside, I've been very excited to finally see & gleefully indulge in... Continue Reading →

12/9/2017 A Tribute to the Replacements @ the Turf Club.

This night is a tribute to one of one of best bands to come out of the twin cities, a group called The Replacements. They are a great band that was a big presence in the 90s rock scene. The bands playing are The Melismatics, Early Eyes, The Bad Men, ahem, The Mad Ripple, Eleganza!, 26¡, The Revenge Wedding, Al Church, Curtiss A,... Continue Reading →

12/2/17 331 Club – Black Widows, The 99ers

Poster for 99ers/Black Widows show. Merry Xmas Really Sucks! is what I've been saying pretty regularly for the past many years. I don't hate Christmas in any way *seriously* but I would just like to quote their brilliant holiday tune: "If you see St. Nicholas, gonna kick him in the A-y-a-y-a-y-ass" Truly stated what with the fascination of... Continue Reading →

12-05-17 Winter Ball @ the Nomad World Pub

Welcome to the first night of true winter weather. The thick jackets, scarves, bomber hats were aplenty at the Nomad World Pub, the premiere venue for int'l futbol and fantastic local music with regular residencies of great local music located in the west Bank of Mpls. This night was dedicated to the West Bank School of Music,... Continue Reading →

11/28/2017 SoFar Sounds November Mpls show. 

Welcome to the SoFar Sounds pop-up concert existence. The venue on this exciting Tuesday night was Day Block Brewing Co.'s Event center. Once the locale was released I was very happy and especially excited for this show because I frequent Day Block and have been to many concerts there. I highly suggest getting involved with SoFar Sounds because... Continue Reading →

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