2017 Twin Cities Horror Festival. 

This is HalloweenThis is Halloween,” is my usual mantra in the time up until the glorious holiday. I celebrate this wonderful time of year with Halloween festivities and turning a year wiser on October 25th😁. One big aspect that makes me very happy is the Twin Cities Horror Festival. It’s 11 days of thrills, dancing, murder, & COMEDY🤔. I’ve been describing it to folks over the years as not necessarily “scary” the whole time, but about presenting the idea of “Horror” in a way that creates a community of celebration. TCHF’s website states the exact reasoning of the focus on “Horror.” Click on the link to get a detailed & very interesting reason for TCHF. One aspect that has kept me coming back is the sense of community that is present every day at the fest. One uniting trait we all can agree on is the absolute chaos our country’s political realm is in. 
Unity Damn It!

The upstairs lobby complete with a casket filled with merch.
This year’s festival was a tremendous success and I heard nothing but positive reviews of each performance. 

I was particularly happy with the Halloween night party where everyone’s costume game was spectacular! In fact, one particular staff member had a costume that really spoke to me🙂.

Brian Wene as Dipper Jones🙂.

I’m excited for next year’s Horror Festival, but I am also hyped for the next year of ArtShare shows in the near future! When you decide to attend a show in the near future you will most likely see me either working the bar or attending  the show. 

And remember be Nice To Each Other God Damn it!

Cheers everyone!

The Southern Theater

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