10/26/2017 Boomtown Riot(album release) w/ The Shackletons, The Usual Things, & Dan Tedesco.

On a cold night in Minneapolis there is nothing better than going to a rock show in a nice intimate venue such as one of my favorites, 7th St. Entry. 

Dan Tedesco started the night on a great note with some passionate guitar strumming with philosophic lyrics. One repeated phrase that stuck with me was, “We’re all gonna die some day…” Bringing humanity into perspective right away. Good on ya for that Dan! I felt the intensity right away! Dan Tedesco is now on my music radar.

Dan Tedesco rocking us right.

Next up was The Usual Things. They are described positively focusing on their energetic stage presence. I always expect a lively stage show and Usual Things brought a brilliant passion to the Entry. 

Onto to a relatively new favorite, The Shackletons. I think Jay Gabler described them perfectly, “Imagine Conor Oberst with a John Belushi attitude.” That feeling was so great when they would harmonize during each song. In a nutshell, they play hard and they play fast. They’re also really nice guys. I highly suggest speaking to Colin, Cam, and Evan after the fans give them a minute of free time.😉

This is some live video of the night:

In the end, I would highly recommend checking out each of the bands from this night of GREAT music. 

Boomtown Riot

This night circled around the album release of Boomtown Riot. They took the stage attired in such a way that it appeared as though the yellow submarine had crashed into the green room. I’ve been a fan of their frontman Jake after catching him play at some point in the past. I even preordered their EP and was sent a thank you card from Jake in the mail, so I was very hyped to see them play. 

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