10/24/17 4th Curtis, Living Hour, and Drumbeat Red @ 7th St Entry. 

“WELCOME TO FALL!” is how I began this fine Minnesotan day as I stepped out the door to be greated with an almost icy wind. My happiness level is now HIGH!

4th Curtis started the night with some passionate tunes that made all the people sitting in the back get up and start cheering. I saw Lex, Maddie, & Ty chilling out prior to their set and I said, “Hi!” to them and they remembered me from a past show😊. Their intricate melodies paired with somber lyrics always make for some enjoyable, introspective listening. Thank you 4th Curtis!

4th Curtis stuck in an eternal 3 second loop. Rock ‘n Roll!

Next was Living Hour, hailing from the land of fries, gravy, & pucks, Winnipeg, Manitoba. A set of GREAT energy, hot guitar riffs & brilliant brass had begun. I was immediately on board when they played one of my favorites, “Seagull.” I had the privilege of experiencing them in the past and I remembered how great their live show was. They’re dubbed “Shoegaze” which implies minimal stage action with heavy focus on the sound. They even brought out a personal favorite of mine, a trombone! I really enjoy the simple, yet captivating sound of this great instrument!

I was quite taken with their sound and very proactive lyrics concerning GLBTQ themes. Disability surfaces lyrically allowing me to really have a personal connection & interest in their work.

Living Hour brought an incredible message with a variety of instruments to the tiny stage at 7th St. Thank you so much for your work!

To conclude this night of excellence was the tremendous Drumbeat Red. They have a wonderous sound led by Dylan, Tamara, & Jim effortlessly rocking our faces off!

I will continue my dedicated following of Drumbeat Red as they are some of the nicest people I have ever met and they seem to enjoy my dedication to their live shows and the energy I bring to the sets.

Drumbeat Red rocking out.

I know Dylan from his other band Communist Daughter and now I’m a fanatic of Drumbeat Red. DR has a sound that is complex in tempo with creative lyrics telling deep stories. My favorite tune is Emily and they have consistently wowed me each show when they play it😊.

I shot one last video of their set and I simply must post it.

Thank you Dylan, Tamara, & Jim for a night I will never forget. I hope to see you many more times in the future!

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