10/18/2017 MASK: exhibit finale + artist talk @ the Gamut Gallery. 

In a country that seems so righteously chaotic Morgan Pease presents highly structured anarchy with MASK: New Works by Morgan Pease. I was quite taken with the amount of depth present in every canvas. Being monocular, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m unable to see 3D like most others because of a blind left eye. But viewing Morgan’s work immediately transported me through a wormhole to an arena of mountainesque terrain manipulated by what I felt was a tornado of spirit. I was very intrigued by the sense of dissolution in one piece from top to bottom then the next piece would be bottom to top or inside out.

Promotional poster for MASK @ The Gamut Gallery
A few of Morgan’s chaotic, yet supremely ordered pieces. 

Morgan explained to us that the custom wood frame on many of the canvases was of his own origin. Brilliant work on that side of the installation. Also the canvasses are very big which allowed everyone to see the amount of intricacy needed to create each of the pieces.
Thank you Morgan & everyone at the  Gamut Gallery for a tremendous exhibition! I was supremely intrigued throughout the entire night!

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