9/27/2017  A funny thing happened on the way to the (Wene)Forum😋. With an appearance by Step Rockets. 

On this bright, mild Wednesday I was returning home from St. Paul yesterday walking from the lightrail station past the Good Arts Collective locale the Good Arts Collective, an arts organization that curates local performing arts/music/visual arts events focusing on the local scene. I’ve seen one other event that took place inside the building so I’m always aware when I pass the building. Luckily, this particular Wednesday, as I was turning onto 7th St. I heard guitar strumming and lo & behold I see two men with guitars and mic stands looking like they’re ready to cause some major disturbance😈. Luckily for me, these two men were there to jam and make this intersection one of sonic brilliance for the afternoon. 

Step Rockets @ Good Arts Collective.

Their playing was quite impressive and they concluded with a song we are all familiar with. It also happens to be what our glorious POTUS nicknamed the scariest man-baby out of North Korea, “Rocket Man.” Here’s the video of this glorious finale from Step Rockets:

They had their latest album for sale in the guitar case you see to the side and I was smart enough to acquire it. Unfortunately, however, all good things must come to an end. But Step Rockets now know the guy that goes to a huge amount of live shows in this great city, ME!!
The Step Rockets next local show will take place at Sociable Cider Works on Oct. 8th. Check them out!
And finally, Be Nice To Each Other God Damn It!

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