9/13/17 Thao Nguyen(of the Get Down Stay Down) w/ special guest Yowler.

This night was one I was very excited to attend since I was told that my good friends Em & Bob were joining me. I was eager for this show because I am typically at live events alone as not many aquaintances are free or even interested in seeing live performance.🙁 But this night was going to be one for the memory books due to great company and some sonic Brilliance from Thao Nyguyen. 
Yowler began the night with hypnotic grooves hypnotizing the audience with colorful emotions. I quite enjoyed the variety of tempos and poetic lyrics. At times I even noticed childlike glee from Maryn. So cute! I really appreciate genuine enjoyment coming from great artists on stage. The lyrics of Yowler’s music are very poetic especially in my favorite track, the namesake track, “Yowler” off the album, “The Offer.” These lyrics especially haunt me:
You were crying in the corner 
and the fear is all I know.”
These words resonated with me because I just think of a few friends who have passed and how their emotional presence in my life was very powerful. 

Yowler bringing us Columbus-style grooves. Maryn Jones & Steve Ciolek.

It was now time for the headlining Thao Nyguyen, whom I had only heard play with her group Thao and The Get Down Stay Down. Thao entered the stage with her electric guitar and began her sonic adventure with incredible blues-based playing that cut into my emotions with razor sharpness. Thao made my night particularly delightful when she played my personal favorite tune “Gorgeous Thing.” I urge everyone to listen to this powerful track. First of all Thao’s voice has the presence and urgency that penetrates any walls protecting your unsure morals. She demands that you join the march on intolerance and equality with her at the helm. Such Power in delivery and beauty in lyrics make her songs exist with you long after the tunes end.  
Thao Nyguyen @ the Cedar Cultural Center
Thao brought three different instruments(banjo, guitar, mandolin) out during her set. Rating her ability on any of them is pointless because she rocked each one with incredible passion thus making every second alive with the soul Thao knows how to access. I have such respect for Thao’s presence in the music arena because she converses, rather assaults, with the status quo with her sights set on complete annihilation. The Punk spirit is alive in Thao Nguyen thus securing a new life long fanatic in me. Thank You so much for sharing your life and powerful art with Minneapolis this night Thao!
If you haven’t, by this time, gone and sampled Thao’s beautiful music yet,
In the end, definitely check out Thao Nguyen perform. Her solo show is Uncanny as I imagine her band presence is as well. 
But definitely SEE LIVE MUSIC often and support art!
Cheers Everyone
Be nice to each other Goddamn-it!
– Brian Wene 
Thao Nguyen
Cedar Cultural Center 

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