9/9/2017 ExactlyNo album release with Wild Age/Drumbeat Red.


Wild Age kicked off this exciting night with great speed to ignite the waiting audience. I was quite excited to hear the song “Down The Well.” That personal favorite of mine was played with great passion and a hint of anger on the aggressive parts. Greatness was had on my part throughout their entire set. Thank you Wild Age!

Wild Age at Day Block Brewery.

Now onto a band I’m very familiar with Drumbeat Red. I’ve experienced their greatness a few times before so I knew how hard I was going to rock during their set. My personal favorite from Drumbeat Red is the tune “Emily,” played with great power with a focus on enduring hardships while remembering to repeat the phrase,
“I Will Survive.”

Drumbeat Red left me beaming with energy and in complete awe with tight harmonies and exceptional energy driving their passionate playing.

The stills captured of Drumbeat Red @ DayBlock.

Thank you Tamara, Dylan, & Jim! Tremendous playing!

To close out this night of great sound was the great duo ExactlyNo. Brilliant simplicity is one description. Nick Larsen(drums) & Ted Anderson(guitar) thrash away creating a sound that is stadium-worthy while fitting this intimate venue. I was quite taken with the passionate drumming from Nick. But then I was redirected to Ted’s electric guitar.

ExactlyNo @ concluding a night of greatness.

Quite unbelievable sounds coming from Nick & Ted. If you want to see a show that leaves a huge impression then ExactlyNo is an absolute MUST!

A huge Thank you is in order to everyone playing tonight! It was a night full of great sounds & phenomenal energy. I will most definitely be seeing all of you many more times!

Cheers Everyone!


Wild Age

Drumbeat Red

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