‘When I Nod My Head You Hit It With The Hammer’ @ the Southern Theater.

WLDRNSS, a Jon Ferguson led performance company (formerly Theatre Forever) performed 'When I Nod My Head You Hit It With The Hammer' to an enthusiastic crowd. I was eager to see the latest work from "the artists formerly known as Theatre Forever" as I've seen many of Jon's previous projects. The action resides mainly in the... Continue Reading →

9/9/2017 ExactlyNo album release with Wild Age/Drumbeat Red.

9/9/2017 Wild AgeĀ kicked off this exciting night with great speed to ignite the waiting audience. I was quite excited to hear the song "Down The Well." That personal favorite of mine was played with great passion and a hint of anger on the aggressive parts. Greatness was had on my part throughout their entire set.... Continue Reading →

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