8/24/17 Aster Cafe Home Fires Thursdays with special guest The Harmaleighs

This day was complete with great weather, so naturally I decided to go see “Maudie” at St Anthony Main. I then went to the Aster Cafe, a regular venue for moi, & decided to stay for Home Fries Thursday. What a great ending to a wonderful day.

The Harmaleighs @ The Aster.

The Harmaleighs began the night with some toe-tapping tunes with great harmonies & exquisite guitar pickin’. I must say I was particularly in the mood for some female harmonies which Haley & Kaylee brought their sweet voices you please the nice, chill crowd that didn’t have extremely LOUD conversations during the great songs. They concluded with a tune about their being great musicians “for girls.” I had to resist my punk rock urges and stay I my seat instead of thrashin’ around and cause a riot. But they finished on a very HIGH note and gave me a thrill this night. Thank you Harmaleighs for one memorable night!

The Harmaleighs Facebook

Now onto The Home Fires made up of Sarah Morris & Vicky Emerson(2 Brilliant Mpls musicians!). Amazing harmonies and great heart wrenching songs make me think I’m in Nashville hearing some good ole southern blues.

Home Fires @ Aster Cafe.

Expert tambourine-ing combined with the harmonies Sarah & Vicky gave us made this night one that will definitely be in the memory books for a long time. Thank you Sarah & Vicky, I’ll definitely see you in the future!

The Harmaleighs

Sarah Morris

The Home Fires

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