7/12/17 Aster Cafe July Residency Mary Bue/Shannon Frid Rubin

On this semi-miserable, day of EXCESS humidity & the threat of rain I rejoiced upon arriving at the Aster. I was met with the happiness of Mary Bue and one of my favorite violinists Shannon Frid Rubin.
Night = AMAZING!
I said hello to Shannon not expecting any recognition, however she did claim to remember me! My night was off to a very great start. Mary began with a couple slower tunes to lull is into a comfortable night of chill music. But then her punk soul surfaced in a few dramatic rock riffs. She wasn’t screaming the lyrics, but her emotional investment echoed off the back wall nearly shattering the windows behind her. Once that outburst finished a decent story turning into a cute joke made the room breathe a sigh of relief.

Mary Bue & Shannon Frid Rubin @ The Aster.

Mary began to wow us with her hypnotic solo efforts.

Mary shredding on her petite axe, aka her ukulele.

My big hope throughout was that Mary would dance in compliment to the songs about relationships ending in a final Pete Townshend windmill to conclude her righteous set. She did not😓. But she brought Shannon out once again to finish her beautiful set just as the sun set on a great night of chill ballads. Mary told me she is recording a new album soon so be on the lookout everyone!


Mary Bue Website

Cloud Cult website

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