8/16/17 Grandpa & Bear with Rachelle LaNae at The Aster Cafe. 

The night started off with Rachelle serenading us with tunes of hope fused with soulful singing. Some deep emotions cut through some of her light hearted ballads. Ranelle really impressed me with amazing energy and enjoyable songs.

8-16-17 Rachelle @ the Aster Cafe.
Rachelle LaNae on the guitar.

Onwards to Grandpa & Bear, aka Hardcore Sex. They opted for the G & B pseudonym. A wise choice as they weren’t playing a rough dive bar, but the respectable locale, the Aster Cafe. The members of this band are Bear Ryan on the drums & Grandpa Johnson picking the blues on the guitar. I was very taken with Bear on the drums & it was made all the better by her uber stylish Stetson hat. The soul emanating from these two was absolutely ELECTRIC!

Grandpa and Bear @ The Aster Cafe.

The stripped down nature of Bear & Grandpa was so incredibly powerful & raw that the entire bar was shaking with the soul coming off the guitar & the grit of the snare.

Listen to those hot licks resulting in some down ‘n dirty tricks. The night concluded with a very nice drum solo from Bear that made me hoot ‘n holler louder than any time earlier. What a Great way to spend a Wednesday night in St. Anthony Main. Thank you everyone!


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