7/29/17 The Salt Vine/Annie Mack @ The Aster Cafe

Annie Mack began with some soul stirring ballads getting us in the mood for a great night of music. The spirit of Motown was alive and well with Annie’s powerful pipes. Thank you Annie!

Annie Mack @ The Aster Cafe.

Enter Jen & Charles who are The Salt Vine. Jen began on her ukulele and their hypnotizing melodies enchanted the crowd of attentive listeners. 

The Salt Vine @ The Aster Cafe.

Jen then told us about how she wrote the song “15” for her 15th wedding anniversary(CONGRATS!). The joy is so apparent during that song it was infectious to the crowd and myself. Jen’s voice made me so happy along with her electric uke creating such a unique sound complimenting the candlelight ambiance of the Aster. She has a voice like none other. She’s dramatic & playful with her passionate lyrics so pleasing to my ears. The Salt Vine plays with tempos so well that it’s hard to really categorize their music. However they classify it, their music is definitely brilliant to behold live.  

The Salt Vine at their BEST!

Thank you Jen, Charles, & Annie for a tremendous night of music!


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