7/25/17 Aster Cafe/Kari Arnett/Savannah Smith with Ryan Acker (The Last Revel)

Kari Arnett began with some philosophical ballads weighing heavy on our hearts(rather MY heart) purging any emotion hanging around. She then picked up the pace with some tunes off her upcoming album.

Kari Arnett playing us into the night. 

Onto Savannah Smith. She began with her trusty ukulele and a few ballads with her powerful voice. Her sweet voice cut through the low lit atmosphere of the Aster. She prefaced one song with “this one sounds happy, but focus on the lyrics.” As some of the best bluegrass tunes sound happy instrumentally but are DARK. She lulled us into a seemingly joyful tune only to pull the ole switch-a-roo midway through into death & despair. A cunning move Savannah😉. It’s hard to think of Savannah singing like that but she is full of surprises.

Savannah Smith serenading us on her electric guitar. 

Then Savannah invited the superb Ryan Acker up to the stage.

Ryan began with the banjo joining Savannah on the uke.

Then Ryan let Savannah vanish into the night.

It was then time for Ryan to conclude the night.

Ryan Acker @ The Aster

Truly a tremendous night of sound & great personalities. Thank you Kari, Savannah, & Ryan! I love you all so much!

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