7/7/2017 The 99ers / The Putz / That’s What You Get @ Eagles 34, Mpls. 

On a beautiful night in Minneapolis I attended a night of 2 bands that I know, and love(The 99ers/That’s What You Get & one I’ve not seen, The Putz.

Set-list For The Putz @ Eagles Club

That’s What You Get started the night off with the right amount of power that was equal parts distrust of society and a pretty big F-YOU. According to Dawn’s lovely dress:

That’s What You Get(twyg) @ Eagles 34

“That’s What You Get” Bandcamp

Next came The Putz, a 3 piece pop-punk band from Indianapolis, who turn the energy level up to 11 everywhere they go.

The Putz @ Eagles 34 7/7/17

I can sum this band up in one word, FUN. With songs titled “Time To Shave” & “Glue Your Mouth Shut” the level of pure glee is hard to hide wherever The Putz are to be found.
If you’ve met me you are aware that a smile rarely leaves my face. This was most definitely the case while watching The Putz on this first live viewing of my career. They had an energy that absolutely exploded into the room in the very first song.
Finally it was the 99ers time to shine. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but I shot a video of a favorite, “It’s All About Me,” illuminating the ego battle present in bands. No, battles is the wrong word. Not all bands have conflicts ego-wise but strong personalities do exist in music groups and the most typical “fights” are between the guitarist & bassist. The competition is obviously fake, but the


A great end to a night of fun music and new discoveries.
Thank you everyone & remember,
Be Nice To Each Other!

The Putz

The Putz Bandcamp 

The Putz Facebook

The 99ers

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