This wonderful night began with a small pre-show party at Stephen’s, 99ers lead guitar/singer, house. 
Upon arriving I encountered a talkative feline princess who announced my arrival to the house. I had some great food. discussed with the others topics such as:
– which member will control what part of the world
– which instrument will be “The One?”
and finally
– which 99ers song is to be the planet’s anthem?
*my vote is Godzilla’s A Punk😁*
It was time to journey back to Mpls and arrive at 7th St. Entry.
The Silverteens began with a very high energy celebration that got everyone in the mood for the greatness ahead.

7/22/17 The Silverteens @ 99ers album release @ 7th St Entry.

Cue Ripper, a band of heightened punk appeal with energy to spare for the entire room. Intricate guitar solos compete with machine-gun drumming in the supernova these punks ignited. I’ve enjoyed Ripper mainly for the intensity they bring onstage. They Rock really hard and they’re Great!
Onto the 99ers!

Playing “Godzilla’s A Punk!”

The 99ers brought their trademark energy & attitude of pure happiness to the album release thus making this performance one for the record books. Chris Schoonover is being epic and acknowledging me, the surly fan shoving a phone near his face to get the perfect ending image. 

Chris Schoonover accusing me of being a 99ers Fanatic.

Job well done 99ers! I’ll most certainly see you at many, MANY more of your shows.
Thank you and Good Night!

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