7/25/17 Aster Cafe/Kari Arnett/Savannah Smith with Ryan Acker (The Last Revel)

Kari Arnett began with some philosophical ballads weighing heavy on our hearts(rather MY heart) purging any emotion hanging around. She then picked up the pace with some tunes off her upcoming album. Onto Savannah Smith. She began with her trusty ukulele and a few ballads with her powerful voice. Her sweet voice cut through the... Continue Reading →

7/7/2017 The 99ers / The Putz / That’s What You Get @ Eagles 34, Mpls. 

On a beautiful night in Minneapolis I attended a night of 2 bands that I know, and love(The 99ers/That's What You Get & one I've not seen, The Putz. That's What You Get started the night off with the right amount of power that was equal parts distrust of society and a pretty big F-YOU. According to... Continue Reading →

This wonderful night began with a small pre-show party at Stephen's, 99ers lead guitar/singer, house.  Upon arriving I encountered a talkative feline princess who announced my arrival to the house. I had some great food. discussed with the others topics such as: - which member will control what part of the world - which instrument... Continue Reading →

7/5/17 Mary Bue w/Charlie Parr @ Aster Cafe.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beginning a summer night with some intricate strumming from Charlie Parr. He gets everyone's toes a-tappin' and our emotions purged from each lovely song. I am especially fond of "Remember Me When I Forget." It's powerful for me because of the focus on memory and the whys and hows... Continue Reading →

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