6/26/2017 Annie & The Bang Bang @ Open Eye Figure theatre 

Annie began the night by stepping onstage and immediately asking, “How’s everyone tonight?” To which everyone screamed either, “Great!” or “Woooo!” But none of us were ready for the power & energy Annie was packing in her glorious Zubaz trousers(sorry Annie, expect a royalty check of BIG bucks😉).

She started with a faster vibe to introduce the calmer crowd to her punk disfunction. I was enjoying myself in the audience quite a bit. However, something wasn’t quite working for me… Then it hit me:
I was SITTING at a rock music show! WTF?
This cannot continue. So I got up and stood up front at the stage-right, audience left side of the front area. I wasn’t sure if this was necessarily “allowed” but hell, it’s a ROCK show! 

Allow me to reason this position:
I am blind in my left eye, so I’m unable to zoom in from any distance away from whatever I’m looking at. However enough ear protection makes the front-left an ideal location for shows. Typically I’m the only audience member at the front of the stage, at least here in MN where you might contract the plague if you’re too close. So for future knowledge look to the front left of the audience & you just might see me in my wild habitat. But if you don’t see me, just listen for the LOUDEST audience member(cheering for songs, NOT talking over the music!) and there I’ll be. For me enthusiasm for the artists is a must for the audience. You’ll know this if you’ve ever seen me at a show.
As soon as I relocated to the front Annie laid a little Johnny Cash on us. 

Annie capturing the spirit of the Swedes, ABBA-style!

Tonight was filled with excitement & tremendous passion from Mike, John, Tom, & of course Annie. You can count on this one coming to your future shows! Thank you for rocking the Open Eye!


– Brian Wene 

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