6/13/2017 Celtic Woman @ The Orpheum Theater, Mpls 

This review begins at Grumpy’s Bar in downtown Minneapolis. I went there because my pinball fascination was running strong. While I was passing the bar I heard a couple Dublin accents. Being the nosey neighbor I inquired if these lovely folks were indeed Dubliners. They replied,
“Ay, what gave it away, our teeth?”
“Naw, I am simply enamored with the beauty of your native tongue.”
They quite liked that sentiment. Because I complimented them quite heavily they decided I was worthy for a chat. I mentioned my years in London and my friendship with a classmate from Dublin. It came time for them to leave and Liam(the man I initially chatted to) asked what I was up to the next day.
“Nothing…” I replied.
“Come to our show!”
“You’re in a show?”
“Aye, Celtic Woman.”
“Cool, how much?”
“Free! We’ll comp you in.”
“Very cool!”
So I decided to attend the show of my new “best friends.” It was at the Orpheum Theatre which to me indicated EXPENSIVE. So to be sure I was being treated to a super exclusive show I asked the box officer how much my ticket would be. She responded, “$75.” My jaw proceeded to to hit the floor. She noticed my reaction and said, “You have great friends in the cast.” “I met them last night!” “Whoah, good for you!” “Thanks!”
Now onto the show!

The beginning showcased the females of the group. Great start to the show!

The energy was sky high from the beginning and instant happiness was had by all! The theme of the night was Celtic/Gaelic, one of my favorite styles.

I must say that the energy was tremendous. The ensemble was essentially inviting the crowd to sing along with the chorus. I was bopping in my seat and may have sung along to a couple songs.

Enter the boyos in the background.

I was so over the moon with how riveting each performer is throughout the night. For me, the excitement on each performer’s face is crucial for my enjoyment & each singer was SO happy!

Overall “Celtic Woman” is an absolute blast! If you ever see that it’s playing you should definitely drop everything and SEE IT!

Thank you Celtic Woman for being the nicest group of people I’ve met in a long time & Thank you for a BRILLIANT show!

Go raibh maith agat agus!



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