6/24/17 Milly and Tillie @ The Open Eye Figure Theater

An incredibly fun performance of “Milly and Tillie” was had at The Open Eye Figure Theater today. Elise Langer & Liz Schaterle brought their epic characters back to the stage. Puppetry & stage magic made the show leap off the stage and brought the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the eyes of two magical sisters(Millie & Tillie Silly). We were introduced to an English teddy bear who gave the ladies advice on proper British picnic decorum. In addition to their vivacious costumes the energies of Milly & Tilly painted a bright painting that got the children engaged (as well as the 34 year old kid writing thisšŸ˜). Puppets were used to explore the fantasy realm the sisters were exploring, even an orca whale helped the ladies while they ventured to the depths of the ocean.

At the end, I took note on the audience’s facial expressions and I saw nothing but huge smiles and I heard copious amounts of laughter from everyone around me. I believe that the Silly Sisters hit the entire audience with an amount of fun and whimsy which is sorely needed in this world. So I raise a glass & toast another Brilliant experience from the Silly Sisters. This is the kind of fun that needs to happen more and more.

The Silly sisters really got into some fine predicaments today. Thanks for bringing LOTS of joy & happiness ladies!

Directed by Jason Ballweber.Ā Performed by Elise Langer,Ā Liz Schachterle, and Laura Abend.
Performed at The Open Eye Figure TheaterĀ 

506 E 24th Street, Minneapolis, MN

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