6/27/2017 Jillian Rae June Residency w/ Hannah Van der Hoff.

Hannah started us off with her soulful blues that made us purge all the shit we may have gone through this past week. She is so adept at shredding her Gretsch white falcon guitar that the sun, having just set, returned with their hip shades ready to groove with Hannah. She sings soul-drenched mix of roots-rock, sinewy blues, swampy R&B sand a hint of honky-tonk soul permeates every song she sings. I say that Hannah has some of the most emotionally charged blues I have heard in this fair city. Great playin’ Hannah, as always.

Onto Jillian Rae.

Jillian opened with an energetic tune that got us all following her music. Jillian has a talent where she starts a song at one tempo, then changes it halfway through keeping us engaged, concluding with an EPIC violin solo(imagine violin gone punk).


Jillian fit in her flashy Prince tribute “When Doves Cry,” which is a nice tribute as she distorts the violin & takes us into a psychedelic wonderland. She wrenched us out of the typical sound by manipulating her electric violin. Here’s the link: https://jillianraemusic.bandcamp.com/track/when-doves-cry

Her recordings are fantastic, but seeing Jillian live is a MUST. She has a great passion which makes for beautiful emotion on stage. Thank you so much Jillian!

Thanks for reading!

Be nice to each other godamnit!

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