6/16/17 The High 48s album release @ the Cedar Cultural Center

To start the night off the Brilliant Mother Banjo(Ellen Stanley) serenaded us eager fans. Ellen’s voice makes the gospel-oriented tunes the most exciting music you’ve ever heard. She compliments this greatness with a positive attitude. Watching a set by Mother Banjo is such a pleasure and you leave with a greatly improved attitude. 

Thank you Ellen, Ben, Eric, and Jim. 

Now onto the album release.

I’ve been a huge fan of the High 48s for about 5 years(as someone who CANNOT timeline) or so I was REALLY excited to see them have an album release. 

The ’48s began their set with a few tunes off my favorite album, Great Northern Railroad. So my interest and energy was as high as ever! Once “Great Northern Railroad” was played I was in my happy place. Exciting portions of their sets are the solos each member gets to do. Eric Christopher(Fiddler) plays absolute magic with his bow. 

I filmed them performing one of my new favs, “Bank Robber”(A Clash tribute) for their final tune. 

The High 48s – Bank Robber

Overall another splendid night of incredible music & good energy. I’m convinced the music of the High 48s will keep me young forever.

If you don’t know their music, I highly suggest you invest in some long lasting happiness brought to you courtesy of The High 48s & while you’re at it pick up Mother Banjo!

Cheers everyone & long live live music!

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