06/13/2017 The 99ers – Pop Punk Girl

Front image of The 99ers – Pop Punk Girl

The 99ers latest album release is a brilliant album of pure energy titled “Pop Punk Girl.” The band summed up the energy & spirit of this collection perfectly, “If this album could be channeled into the [power] grid, we’d be an energy independent nation.” A sentiment summing up my experiences seeing them live perfectly. Onto the album:

1. Pop Punk Girl
2. Donuts & Morphine
3. Calhoun Beach
4. Quebecoise Punk Rock Star
5. Heaven Only Knows(Shangri-La’s)
6. Born To Surf
7. It’s All About Me(Heeshen)
8. Yé-Yé Pow
9. She Don’t Like The Lillingtons
10. Roller Grrls
11. Skating NYC
12. Rude Girl T-Shirt
13. Pajama Party(Darlington)

1. The crowd-pleasing Pop Punk Girl starts us off with the chant “Ba-ba-baba-ba-b-b-b-ba-ba-ba She’s a pop punk girl.” An early favorite of mine. It gets more exciting every time I hear it. 

2. Donuts & Morphine follows with what sounds like an odd pairing but results in new possibilities. Energy galore!

3. Calhoun Beach examines the hipster sect of Minneapolis with a surf rock slant. Great hook makes you sing along.

4. Quebecoise Punk Rock Star shows us that pop punk is applicable everywhere in the world. Everyone can speak the language of good music because it’s universal.

5. Heaven Only Knows(Shangri-La’s) takes me to that hammock on the beach where life makes sense & time stands still. Great harmonies and powerful guitar riffs.

6. Born To Surf is the soundtrack to my most memorable surfing dream(I’ve never surfed but I can imagine it through this).

7. It’s All About Me spotlights the crucial element of every band, the bassist! Doug reminds us that it’s not about you but about Me. Assertive in his singing I love the angst in the delivery. Kudos Doug!

8. Yé-Yé Pow has an intriguing rhythm. Guitar mastery and playful lyrics create the bliss that makes this song a requirement for a good night.

9. Roller Grrls shares the excitement of a Derby bout because “Bad Girls Wanna Skate!” Empowering lyrics & a great hook make you rise up b’cause “It’s my time & I can’t wait!” Dramatic tempo changes don’t allow you to let your guard down. Watch out for that left hook. Don’t get blindsided.

10. Skating NYC bounces you around New York city on your customized deck being wary of the po-po(bad 90s reference sorry).

11. Rude Girl T-Shirt is a song very close to my heart. The band mentioned, RudeGirl, are a personal favorite. The lyrics, “He was wearing a RudeGirl t-shirt loud & proud testifying to the world” makes me happy that these wonderful artists really do appreciate the enthusiasm of our dedication.

Overall, this album is everything I had hoped for when its release was made official. As I’ve done each & every time I’ve seen this phenomenal band I must reiterate how explosively BRILLIANT you all are in music! Em, Stephen, Chris, & Doug thank you for your talent and the gifts you continue to give to myself & the rest of the world! Cheers!

– Psycho Suzi’s Art-a-Whirl 5/20/17

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