6/2/2017 RudeGirl, Trash Street, KillerySweets @ Whiskey Junction.

Another wonderful night @ Whiskey Junction on Friday, June 2nd 2017. The night opened with KillerySweets, fronted by the lovely Jessie Bryan(RudeGirl lead singer) and she foreshadowed the brilliance to be had. 

If there’s one band I’ve been pretty obsessed with for the past couple years it’s RudeGirl. If you don’t know them, you really need to learn about one of the best tribute band in the Twin Cities. Knew quite a few songs before I first saw RudeGirl, but the tunes didn’t quite have the effect that they have now while we exist in the orange shadow of the current administration(no more politics for the rest of this post). I have loved the intensity & care RudeGirl gives the songs each time. I even tear up when my favorite song, The Guns of Brixton, is sung. So, for me, RudeGirl takes me on a journey through the political dissonance of 70s London. I am inspired & energized for the possibility of a good future in this country. 


I am usually located at stage right(audience left) up front, so if you’re ever at a night of music look there and if I’m present I’ll be at that location. 


– Brian Wene

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